Francescas Pick of the Week!

This week I am championing the bright colours, which is a giant leap if you saw my wardrobe! Lets just say that up until now I was definitely a black/grey/neutral kinda gal! Orange used to be a definite no no – which was partly down to the fact that my mother used to dress me head to toe in the colour as a child! But this By Malene Birger Carletta shirt really caught my eye because it really stands out from the crowd in that fantastic BRILLIANT orange. It is a simple classic design, that isn’t too fussy…a clean cut in a statement colour, that is how colour should be done ladies!

To finish off the outfit, I have chosen to pair it with a high waisted navy Betty Jackson Two pencil skirt – which has been a BIG hit here in Tunbridge Wells! This skirt has shown off every figure I have seen it on – it is so feminine and elegant…even for an up and down figure like mine! When the two pieces combine, you’ve got an elegant and classic silhouette with a touch of modern eccentricity! Top marks I think!

So what if the sun has gone behind the clouds, theres no need to hide behind grey too…if I can branch out of my colour rut, then so can you!

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