Celebrating 10 years of Odd Molly!

At bod & ted, we have always loved the bohemian love-life philosophy of Scandanavian brand Odd Molly!  Our customers obviously agree, because even though we are only in our second season with the brand, it is doing fantastically well and just keeps getting better and better!

And  now, Odd Molly is celebrating 10 years of fabulousness, and we thought we should raise a glass to them and spread the Odd Molly love! So glass at the ready…we had our eye on the brand for a while, and thought it really epitomised the bod & ted woman – quirky yet classic, easy-going yet enthusiastic and of course, fashion savvy! The designs are really easy to wear and suit women of all ages. The collections definitely have a certain je ne sais quoi that you really cannot find elsewhere and this seasons collection is no exception…with a selection of feminine tees, dresses and knitwear, all laiden with the beautiful touches we all expect and adore from Odd Molly.

So why not have a look at the collection in our Brighton store or online, and we’re sure you will agree its a goodun! What’s more, there is still so much of the collection left to be delivered, so keep your eyes peeled bod & ted fans, and raise a glass to 10 years of Odd Molly!

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