Maison Scotch is making headlines yet again!

We told you this brand was going to be one to watch, and true to our word it is making some serious headlines!  Maison Scotch has already  been featured in Grazia magazine a number of times this year, and now it has made its way into great style magazines such as the Daily Mail’s Saturday style supplement ‘You’ and the ever fabulous ‘Vogue’!  We knew we were onto a goodun when we decided to stock Maison Scotch!  This is our first season stocking this fabulous brand, and so far it is going down a treat!  The Maison Scotch look is so easy to wear, and every piece has something about it which makes it stand out from the crowd.  Not only that, they use great quality fabrics, and the cuts are always chic and elegant.  Their aesthetic is an eclectic mix of a Parisian ‘je ne said quoi’, New York street style and Japanese design, which together forms a winning combo which oozes effortless and femininity.  Check out Maison Scotch’s most recent press in ‘You’ and ‘Vogue’ magazine below, and you will see that both the pieces featured we have in stock!  What can we say.. they have great taste!

To see all of our Maison Scotch collection, check out this link below, or pop into our Tunbridge Wells store and feast your eyes on the collection for

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