The bod & ted team…Meet Francesca!

How would you describe your style?

My style is classic, but with a modern twist. I’m not a girly girl so do like my jackets, shirts and skinny jeans, but I always add a little touch of femininity to my outfits, whether that be shoes or jewellery, or my favourite accessory of all- scarves! I like to choose pieces which are timeless and I know I can wear again and again.

What Designer’s are you particularly fond of?

The list is pretty endless.. but if I had to choose my favourites.. Margaret Howell, Jill Sander, Erdem, and 3.1 Phillip Lim. All classic and effortless femininity.

Is there a particular trend that you are buying into this season?

Although I am a newbie to colour, I am really loving anything bright and orange this season, and we’ve  got loads of the colour at bod & ted! I’ve gone a bit crazy with the orange purchases, but I have worn them to death and its not even the height of summer! A splash of colour is just the ticket for my wardrobe and amazingly the colour orange goes with loads of things in my wardrobe too!

What was your biggest fashion faux pas?

Ironically my biggest faux pas has now turned into something I am re-exploring. My mum used to dress me head to toe in orange. Literally head to toe (including socks and shoes) If you have an image of a child sized pumpkin in your head that would be about right. Having sworn to never wear that colour again, I am now re-embracing it with serious love! But I’m not wearing head to toe that’s for sure..

Tell us something we don’t know about you..

I love to paint my nails in wacky designs. Its something I have really got into after witnessing the wonder of the nail painters at trendy London nail studio Wah nails. It can really jazz up a look, and if you use bright colours, they can really make an impact on an otherwise muted or simple outfit. I also own a ridiculous amount of scarves… not that that ever stops me from getting more!

What is your favourite bod & ted piece from the season?

I really can’t choose one thing! But I love our Maison Scotch collection this season. So many great pieces there – many of which are now in my wardrobe!

Next week…meet Chelsea!

Enjoy the sunshine!

love bod & ted xx

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