Fashion Insider – Buba

Buba London is one of the latest accessories brands to hit bod & ted this S/S 2014.  Buba London was founded by Euan McDonald and Lesley Silwood who met thirteen years ago, and it was the beginning of a relationship that would produce a fabulous luxury accessories brand.

At first glance you can instantly perceive that a love of travel and different cultures has manifested itself in the designs of Silwood and McDonald, who have taken inspiration for their collections from their visits to India and Ibiza. Such unique sources of inspiration have in turn created a totally unique brand that is both exotic and colourful and yet still incredibly glamourous.

Buba London guarantees you get a unique product when purchasing one of their pieces as all their bags are handmade, meaning that the patterns on their pieces vary from item to item and no two are the same. Their bags are handmade in Delhi by specialists in producing luxury accessories with years of experience, which not only provides their customers with a truly quality product but also allows Silwood and McDonald to give back to a country that has inspired them so much by providing jobs for locals in Delhi.

Come down to bod & ted and check out our gorgeous Buba London pieces and treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind Buba London item that is sure to turn heads.

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