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In our first Style Insider feature of 2016 we chat to Naomi Drewett, PA and lover of all things Tunbridge Wells.  Read on to find out about her fashion do’s and don’ts, and who her ultimate style icon is! Guaranteed to put you in a good mood, she’s a regular at bod & ted and we love her classic, feminine style…you can find her on social media…@pantileslady
Describe your style in 3 words?
My style in 3 words – Chosen With Love – I like to shop for things I truly love – if you love it you’ll feel confident and if you feel good you look good! I’m very classic and I really consider my purchases (I live by the advice given to me by my mum who always says ‘does it go with 3 other things in your wardrobe’)

Heels or flats?

Flats! I’m dashing everywhere mostly and I’m quite tall already so I don’t like to tower over people. I wear heels when I’m out for cocktails though!

What are the key pieces for SS16 that you want in your wardrobe?

A Marie Sixtine Jacket of course is essential – I buy a new one each year! I get so many compliments and I love wearing them. They’re so versatile too.

What are your favourite and least favourite trends for SS16?

I love the romance that’s in some of the ss16 collections – soft colours, textures, some sheer & silk fabrics and feathers I’ve seen. Not all in one outfit but I’d like to include those elements. As a ‘Winter’ colour I have to be careful with pastels but texture I can do.
Least favourite – 90s fashion!? It’s making a kind of come back-acid colours / patchwork ‘make do and mend’ I know the cool kids will be happy but it’s not for me!
What are your wardrobe essentials?
Wardrobe essentials include a good pair of dark jeans – I hate the term skinny jeans as I’m a curvy girl but jeans that fit well are essential. I’d rather get shape through my layers – so good quality t-shirts/tops and then a tailored jacket is a must for me. I’m a scarf addict so I get my bright colours and textures added in that way.
What would you typically wear for work?
As a Personal Assistant in corporate work, I need to be smart during the week whatever the weather – tailored trousers, pencil skirt, smart tops and a classic black dress are my staples along with a good quality coat and a manicure (thanks to London Nail Co). We don’t need to ‘power suit it’ but jeans are a no-no so that’s the first thing I want to put on at the weekend – Nobody Denim of course!
What is your most lusted after item at the moment?
I’m lusting after 2 pairs of flats – these grey suede pumps from Mint Velvet they’re called ‘Naomi’ so I have to have them and the Soludos Black Wink espadrilles are going to be perfect for my holiday!
Who is your style icon?
Style Icon is Audrey Hepburn. I adore her! The hats, the big sunnies and she rocked everything in black and her quote ‘happiest girls are the prettiest’ are words to live by.
Classic and timeless…a girl after our own heart!



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