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We’ve had a very exciting addition to our brand portfolio in the boutique, and it’s something a little bit different for us…skincare! The lovely ladies from Amly Botanicals popped in to see us last month and we were so impressed with their product that we couldn’t wait to start stocking it, so that our lovely customers could get in on the action too. This week, we chatted to the lovely ladies behind the brand, Lisa and Kerry, to find out a little more about them and Amly Botanicals.


When did you launch Amly Botanicals?

We launched Amly in March 2016 after three years of development!

Where does the name come from?

The name Amly is the name of the wild flower meadow at Hawthbush Farm in Sussex where the silver rich water emanates from. It was also the original name of the farm, an old English name.

What was the inspiration behind creating the brand?

Both Lisa and I have a shared love of natural beauty products. With my background in holistic health and Lisa’s in art & organic living we had explored the idea of creating something together but nothing had felt quite right. When Lisa moved to Hawthbush Farm & discovered this incredible water source she called me, it was a real ‘Eureka’ moment. The rest just seemed to fall into place.

Tell us a bit more about the ingredients you use in your products?

The silver rich water in a way is a product in itself. The healing properties of silver are well known & along with it’s anti-bacterial, anti-microbial & anti-oxidant properties it is the perfect base for a skincare product. We felt this could be enhanced with the addition of botanicals, essential oils & hydrosols with an affinity to the source of the water. The blending of these traditional ingredients with the more modern actives was our way of introducing the alchemy, so pertinant to the silver, a real melding of the traditional & modern. We were always clear we wanted to remain as pure as possible while creating a product that performed.

What’s been the most exciting thing for the brand to date?

The whole process of creating this product has been exciting and an incredible learning process.
We have been overwhelmed with the response so far, having only launched two months ago we have already been featured in Grazia, the Sunday Times Style magazine & Henley Life. We have an Editor’s Choice award from the hugely influential Beauty Shortlist awards. Kate Shapland (Telegraph Beauty Editor), Amanda Harrington (makeup artist & tanning expert to the A listers), Imelda Burke & Debbie Thomas (Beauty expert & skin specialist) are amongst our fans. So its difficult to choose the most exciting, hopefully that’s still to come….

What have Amly Botanicals got in store for the future?

Radiance Boost is the first of what will be a range of mists which will correspond to various lifestyle needs. The first of those will be ready for launch in June & the third in September, which we are very excited about. We have several more ideas in development so a busy time ahead.

What are the top 3 skincare products you can’t live without?

Kerry: My top 3 skincare products I cant live without, of course the first has to be our Radiance Boost, it really is a beauty essential. I really can’t be without it, I mist after cleansing in the morning & have one in my handbag which I mist throughout the day to boost hydration & protect my skin from environmental stresses, then again post cleanse in the evening, I don’t like a night cream so it’s perfect for me as it has the peptides & hyaluronic acid to boost collagen & elastin while I sleep. A warning,once you start you can’t be without it! Secondly, Votary Cleansing oil, it’s lovely and light & it’s natural. Thirdly, Connock London Kukui oil wonder balm, I use it as a lip balm and on cuticles & any other dry patches, another handbag essential.

So pop in and try the Radiance Boost mist for yourselves..and we can’t wait to try the rest of the products launching this year!

Amly Botanicals Silver Rich Face Mist – Radiance Boost – £42.00


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