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This month we’re chatting to personal stylist and wardrobe consultant Victoria Genevieve. We chat balancing work and motherhood, wardrobe essentials and trends she’ll be avoiding this season!


You have a successful personal styling business, what was the inspiration behind setting it up?

I set up Victoria Genevieve Styling in 2004 when my son was a year old. I was tired of ‘Older Frumpy’ ladies working as Personal Stylists offering young mums like myself a choice of practical yet unfashionable outfits based on ‘Colour and Shape’ analysis. I have always worked in the fashion industry and have a Fashion Degree from London Collage Of Fashion. I could see that woman go through several changes in life, and motherhood is one of them. Just because our day to day lives have changed it does not mean we need to stay at home and put on a pinny! Clothes are fun and an expressive way to show personality, and by doing this you instantly feel more confident.

Who is your average client?

Most of my clients are mums, but over the years I have had a few husbands curious as to how their wives have transformed in not only style but confidence.I work with the whole family even down to outfit building for babies, toddlers and teens. I now have a big client base of working women who don’t have the time to shop, this service is a timesaver, I’m sure any working woman would rather spend time with their family and friends not shopping on a packed Saturday.

What are your top 3 shopping tips?

  1. Wear something comfy that you can easily take off and on.
  2. Take water with you and do not stop for lunch until you’re done. You’ll lose momentum.
  3. Use the sales assistants to assist you, that is what they are paid for, hence the title. But be careful your not being sold to.

What are the key pieces for SS16 that you want in your wardrobe?

Pompom anything…I am totally sold on this trend! I also think I now have 4 or 5 bomber jackets.

What is your favourite piece from the bod & ted SS16 collections?

I love the brand Custommade and in particular the Navy Lucia Jumpsuit, it covers all possible occasions.

What are your favorite and least favorite trends from this season?

My least favorite trend has to be cropped tops, and my most favorite trend is the midi pleated skirt.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Eclectic, Daring, Practical

What are your wardrobe essentials?

Jackets, I think you really need to invest in jackets, they are the final piece that holds your whole outfit together. Plus living in the UK generally means that you need a jacket to keep you warm, even if its just to get you from A-B.

Who is your style icon?

I don’t really have a style icon as such. I admire many icons and appreciate those whose style is constantly evolving.

Thanks Victoria!

Above Victoria models the Custommade Edma Blouse and American Vintage Zicstreet Trousers, as well as giving us a sneak peek of some of the lovely pieces she chose to try on below…


love bod & ted xx


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