meet the brand / wyse london


Meet our lovely new brand Wyse London! We’re addicted to the crazy patterns and affordable prices. The jumpers have been a huge hit in the Boutique so we’re excited to show you how the brand all started and a few of our favourite pieces.

Marielle begun Wyse London in December 2014 from her house in London. As an avid lover of Cashmere for years, she was disappointed by the lack of choice on the market, everything was too plain, too ordinary or too overpriced. So, she decided to make her own range. She promised to never, ever be boring and to be affordable!

All the jumpers feature some kind of detail, whether it’s a lurex thread or a sequin elbow pad or a pop of colour which is what makes Wyse London so unique! Have a look at our favourite pieces that are dotted around the Boutique.


Shop Wyse London here.


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