meet the brand / sessùn

Sessùn is a new friendly face joining us for AW17! French designer, Emma François has developed a beautiful women’s collection that’s filled with ethnic prints from her time travelling abroad. It all started in 1994, when she was 21 years old and was taking a trip to Guatemala. At the time she was studying anthropological economics and the cultural richness that South America had to offer really inspired her. Her interest in anthropology shows in the way she works, she has an ethical view of the world and a respect for the traditional knowledge that’s helped her to build Sessùn as a brand.
It’s a brand which, although rooted in its own time, is still subtle enough to lean towards timelessness.
 The French brand is now a mix of eclectic prints with earthy tones, its feminine yet functional aesthetic is seen across simple shift dresses, cotton separates and fine knitwear. Scroll down to see the pieces we have available in store and online, right now… Shop Sessun AW17 on our website.
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