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Are you ready to meet Markus Lupfer, our most anticipated brand this year? You may have already noticed our new brand in store and now it’s all available online! Shop Markus Lupfer on our new-in section. We love, love, love this brand! Lupfer has such a witty and unique approach to sequinned embroidery, the perfect balance between easy-to-wear and dressed up. His use of surreal prints, embroidery and graphic embellishment have gained him a legion of celebrity fans including Beyonce, Madonna, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevigne, Rhianna and Olivia Palermo, to name a few! If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

Markus Lupfer graduated in 1997 from London’s University of Westminster with a first-class honors degree. With his refreshingly unique style and artful way he redefined everyday basics.

“Markus Lupfer’s been very clever in making his sequinned sweaters an item with a bit of a cult following that draws followers from a really surprisingly broad customer-base. They strike such a great balance between easy and dressed-up and witty and smart – pieces to make people from teenagers to grown ups smile and feel good in it almost anywhere.”

Now the best bit! What we’ve got in stock, scroll away…

markus-lupfer-arctic-flower-lip-alex-tee-in-navy-p9939-7542_zoom markus-lupfer-charlotte-planet-embellished-bomber-jacket-in-navy-p9934-7546_zoom markus-lupfer-embroidered-arctic-penguin-anna-sweatshirt-in-black-p9943-7544_zoom markus-lupfer-erin-polar-bear-intarsia-jumper-in-light-grey-p9935-7548_zoom markus-lupfer-lara-lip-alex-tee-in-black-p9938-7637_zoom markus-lupfer-lara-lip-anna-sweatshirt-in-black-p9937-7636_zoom markus-lupfer-sequin-bear-and-flower-natalie-jumper-in-navy-p9944-7545_zoom markus-lupfer-sequin-lara-lip-joey-jumper-p9942-7639_zoom markus-lupfer-stripe-red-lara-lip-long-alex-top-in-black-white-p9941-7638_zoom

Shop Markus Lupfer from our website or in store!

love bod & ted xxx

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