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Arthouse Unlimited has been an eyecatcher since the moment it touched down at bod & ted. Comprising of a selection of delicious chocolate and sumptuous soap all with beautiful and unique packaging, customers are always intrigued to know the story behind the brand. As a charity presenting the artistic talents of adults living with learning and physical difficulties, all Arthouse Unlimited product artwork derives from the skills each artist brings.

We reached out to Arthouse Unlimited to get to know the brand a bit more, and the inspiration behind COE and Fonder Becky Sheraidah founding the charity we all know and love.

Organic Tubular Soap-Angels Of the Deep

Becky founded the charity 15 years ago, after being an art instructor for adults living with complex epilepsy,  learning and physical disabilities. Becky expresses how she was ‘in awe of the incredible drawing styles, insights, and fresh outlook’ of these artists, and thus inspired her to establish a charity of her own.

Offering a sense of purpose is at the heart of Arthouse Unlimited’s philosophy, focusing on the belief that feeling truly respected improves health and well-being, and challenging perceptions to create better acceptance of individuals with complex needs.

So let’s take a look at some of our favourites…

Dark Chocolate and Honeycomb Bee Free Chocolate BarDark Chocolate with Honeycomb Pieces - Bee Free

Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Gorillas Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts - Gorillas Design

Genie Tubular Soap

Organic Tubular Soap - Genie

Serendipity Tubular Soap

Organic Tubular Soap - Serendipity

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