Spotlight on FUND – Fashion for good!

We love to support British brands at Bod&Ted and we are very proud to stock one this season that is both unique and meaningful in its’ outlook.

FUND create a range of luxury 100% lambswool sweaters embroidered with statements inspired by famous quotes and phrases.  Bold colours mix with self-expression in a playful new way.

Rebel Jumper in Hot Pink

This label not only looks good, it does good in so many ways.  Firstly, they help to support small independent farmers by working closely with a British company who exclusively manufacture sustainable, highest quality wool from free-range, pasture-fed, ethically-reared sheep.  As you may well know, wool is a low-impact, biodegradable fibre which is warm, breathable and anti-bacterial.  This means that it lasts longer and requires less washing.

Rebel Jumper in Hot Pink

FUND Rebel Jumper in Hot Pink

Secondly, they support the British manufacturing industry.  Their seamless knitwear is created in England with zero waste and their wool is dyed in a small, 150 year old heritage mill in Scotland using recycled water from the local loch and plant-based dyes.  This gentle process gives a superior colour result and super-soft, finished handle.  All the dyes are environmentally friendly so the water can be cleaned and returned to the loch once dying is complete.  Their unique wool embroidery technique requires no synthetic backing and is hand-finished in Cornwall to order, ensuring that no stock is wasted.

Eccentric Embroidered Jumper in Green

FUND Eccentric Embroidered Jumper in Green

Thirdly, a donation from each jumper helps to fight childhood hunger.  Every time a jumper is purchased they fund 100 school meals for children in nineteen of the World’s poorest countries through their charity partner “Mary’s Meals”.  It’s a simple idea that really works.  Providing a meal in a place of learning attracts hungry children to the classroom where they will receive an education that can, in the future, lead to the chance of a life without poverty.

Well I Never Jumper in Hot Pink

FUND Well I Never Jumper in Hot Pink

All the packaging that FUND use is 100% recyclable, 100% plastic free and locally produced in Cornwall by a small, local supplier.  It comes as no surprise that this brand with a conscience have become a carbon-neutral business by working closely with The Carbon Trust to offset their small carbon footprint.

At the heart of the brand’s mission is a straightforward and inspiring message: compassion and kindness make the World a better place.  Funding social change using processes that support communities without any harmful impact on the environment; some very good reasons to browse the bright and beautiful FUND jumpers on-line or in-store.

Come and see us soon!


Bod & Ted x

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