Behind the Brand: Munthe

Now in it’s second season at Bod&Ted, Danish brand, Munthe is a firm favourite with all of us.  Established in 1994 and based in Copenhagen, Naja Munthe is the designer behind this exciting and innovative brand.

munthe 1

Naja takes her inspiration for each collection from nature, music, art and photography.  Her personality is reflected in the truly individual Scandi style of each piece.


Naja Munthe – @najamunthe

Building this fabulous lifestyle brand over some years now, Naja understands the busy, ever-changing lives of the women she designs for.  Like many of us, they juggle work with bringing up a family and desire clothes that are both effortless and unique with an emphasis on the highest quality of fabrics that are beautifully made to last.

In her own words “Munthe is about empowering women, from the makers to the wearers.  And Munthe is all about getting that balance between sexy and playful, which it does just right.”

Cadi Blouse in Black

Munthe Cadi Blouse in Black

Naja grew up in a small community in Jutland, Denmark.  A long way from school with no shops, she spent a lot of time playing outside, riding her bicycle with her siblings and friends.  She admits that it was quite isolating, especially as a teenager.  Her family were not wealthy but she has no memories of that being a disadvantage, quite the contrary.  She credits her extraordinary creativity to a time when she learnt to take the initiative to find creative ways to entertain herself as a child.  Often exploring and finding materials, she would sometimes dig for clay, make things and leave them out in the sun to dry or immerse herself in learning about local history.

Como Blouse in Black

Munthe Como Blouse in Black

Passionate about her home city of Copenhagen, she loves everything the cool capital has to offer from restaurants and shopping to exhibitions, art fairs and nature as well as everything else in between. “Having hobbies and interests outside of my workplace allows me to explore my other passions and to become a more well-rounded person.” She feels that this balance is important for the well-being of all members of  the household but acknowledges that it isn’t always easy!  A familiar challenge for us all.

Charm Leather Skirt in Pink

Munthe Charm Leather Skirt in Pink

Naja is committed to the important issue of  sustainability within the brand. “Climate Change continues to affect our lives…every individual can take steps to live and work more sustainably.”  But as a business owner, along with leaders and administrators, she believes there is a moral responsibility and regards sustainable business practices as imperative.  “Munthe views sustainability as a plus and we think that companies with green values are willing to showcase them because of that fact.  Going green shows the world you care about more than just making fashion and money.”

Chip Check Blouse in Rose Pink

Munthe Chip Check Blouse in Rose Pink

Come and explore our stunning Munthe collection for yourself, either online or in-store.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Bod&Ted x

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