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Hayley Menzies has been one of our core brands for several years now and the delivery of new arrivals from them never fail to excite us at Bod&Ted! Beyond the joyful maximalist aesthetic, lies a level of craftsmanship and detail that is even more beautiful than the design itself. In their 12 years as a brand, they have always been mindful of their production processes, but as they have evolved they are learning and striving to lessen their environmental impact. Using natural materials as well as employing skilled artisans in their supply chain, they are committed to sustainable practices.

Going forward they are using specific icons to illustrate the positive social and environmental elements of their garments.

This certification shows that the garment has been manufactured by a company licensed by the International Alpaca Association which ensures safe treatment of Alpacas. This is a symbol of quality Alpaca fibre characterised by a fineness, thermal properties, softness and durability.

Organic textiles have a huge environmental benefit as organic farming aims to build healthy soils and help fight climate change. It has a positive social impact as organic production also means farmers are not putting their health at risk.

Many of the brand’s products contain handmade components, celebrating craftsmanship and supporting local communities that have specialised in certain techniques over centuries.

Hand embroidered pieces make the brand’s pieces unique and special. It can take up to 8 hours to embroider one t-shirt, show-casing the skill, precision and talent that their workers possess.

Hayley Menzies are committed to animal welfare and ensure that their wool is certified mulesing-free. This means that it comes from wool growers who have never practiced or have stopped practicing the outdated process of Mulesing, a painful procedure where a lamb’s skin is cut, without anaesthesia, using sharp shears to prevent flies laying lavae on the sheep.

This is clothing that is made from fibres produced by plants or animals and is so much better for people and planet. Examples of natural fibres are cotton, silk, linen and wool. Synthetic fabrics are produced by humans through a chemical synthesis known as polymerisation.

Chemical free clothing reduces the number of toxins we breathe and expose our skin to. It’s also less harmful to the environment as it releases fewer pesticides into the water supply when we wash our clothes, as well as being far easier to recycle.

Explore the Hayley Menzies Spring/Summer ’23 collection at Bod&Ted, either in-store or online. From dresses to t-shirts, duster cardigans and slip skirts; unique, statement pieces that you will wear and love this season and for many seasons to come.


Bod & Ted x

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