A Breath of Fresh Fashion: Embracing the Airy Styles Trend

If you’re looking to tap into a trend due to take over, you are in the right place. At Bod & Ted, we have our fingers on the pulse of the styles, brands and trends destined to take over your wardrobes, and today, we will be covering Airy Styles. 

Pinterest Predicts identified that 2023 fashion will be packed with ruffles, lace and shimmer. The platform has seen searches for “shimmery dress” increase by 365% and “lace top long sleeve” rise by 225%. So, it is fair to say that feminine silhouettes are back with a vengeance. 

We’re here to answer all your queries about the Airy Styles trend and give you some product recommendations to tap into the trend. 

What is the Airy Styles trend?

Airy Styles is a trend that blends ethereal and whimsical aesthetics into everyday dressing. To create an outfit that taps into the Airy Styles trend, you should include lace, flowy fabrics, pastel colours, ruffles and shimmers. The trend celebrates femininity in all forms by embracing materials, pastel colours and chic sophistication styling. 

How to dress with the Airy Styles trend

If you want to dress with the Airy Styles trend in mind, you should utilise certain colours and fabrics. We will dive into this further and showcase some of the colours, garments and styling tips you can follow to achieve the look perfectly. 

Airy Styles dressing

Colours to use in the Airy Styles trend

When selecting your pieces for this trend, you should consider cream and neutral tones, pastel colours, simplistic white garments and black complementing pieces. 

Cream and neutral tones – Using these colours for the outfit’s base will allow you to confidently embody the trend and help create a feminine edge to your look. Opt for lighter tones, such as cream, beige and white, to elevate your Airy Styles aesthetic, and when combined with the right fabric, you will be onto a winner. 

Pastels – Most airy-styled looks will use pastel and muted colours in some shape. Whether this is incorporated into a top, floaty trousers, or even a jacket. You can use pastels as a main element of your outfit and opt for neutrals in other areas. 

White and black pieces – Used to contrast your airy ensemble, black and white garments are often simplistic and chic in style and can elevate your airy pieces. 

Airy Styles Ruffles

Airy Styles dresses

This trend focuses on feminine styling, and no piece of clothing is more chic than an Airy Style dress. But you may be asking what makes an Airy Style dress? It comes down to the frills, flowing fabrics and overall aesthetic of the piece. Here are some of our favourite Airy Styled dresses you can add straight to your wardrobe. 

Celia B – Viso Dress in Multi Pink Print

Celia B - Viso Dress in Multi Pink Print

Celia B – Viso Dress in Multi Pink Print

Celia B is a brand that should be on your radar if it isn’t already. The Spanish brand, led by designer Celia Bernardo, offers timeless, fun designs crafted with a free spirit. The Viso Dress embodies the Airy Styles trend with a blended sprinkle of fun; this design’s ruffles and floating nature make it the perfect choice. The high-quality craftsmanship of this garment is apparent in the small details, such as the quilted bib neckline and tie detailing.

Rails – Saylor Dress in Black Eyelet

Rails - Saylor Dress in Black Eyelet

Rails – Saylor Dress in Black Eyelet

Rails is a brand with California roots but has stylish European sensibility bleeding through its collections. Unsurprisingly, they feature in our must-have Airy Style list with their Saylor Dress. The lace detailing of this piece is innately feminine, and when combined with the long-sleeved construction, you can be sure to step into the trend expertly. The eyelet details and crisp cotton poplin of the garment will ensure this dress will be a staple you bring out every season.

Essentiel Antwerp – Ernich Jacquard Mini Dress

Essentiel Antwerp - Ernich Jacquard Mini Dress

Essentiel Antwerp – Ernich Jacquard Mini Dress

Another chic and timeless piece is the Ernich Jacquard Mini Dress from Belgian fashion brand Essentiel Antwerp. This piece’s exquisite raised floral print and puffed sleeves are profoundly part of the Airy Styles trend and will be a wardrobe classic for years to come. The high neck construction of the piece creates an elegant appeal and will help create a flattering feminine silhouette. Crafted from a blend of recycled polyester and cotton, you can be sure that you will look stylish and radiate contemporary styling whilst wearing it. 

Airy Styles Tops

When selecting a top to match this trend, you should head to brands such as Lollys Laundry, Bellerose, Munthe and Rosemunde. Their latest collections all embody the Airy Styles trend, and if you are looking for some key pieces from each of these hand-selected designers, keep reading. 

Munthe – Explain Blouse in Ivory

Munthe - Explain Blouse in Ivory

Munthe – Explain Blouse in Ivory

As one of the few stockists of Munthe in the UK, it is safe to say that the Explain Blouse is one of our favourites. Crafted from recycled materials, the feminine blouse includes frill detailing on the chest and reverse of the garment. Available in a chic ivory hue, this garment is perfect for achieving the Airy Styles trend and will help you create a clean aesthetic that gives an air of sophistication. 

Bellerose – Ink Blouse in Combo A 

Bellerose - Ink Blouse in Combo A

Bellerose – Ink Blouse in Combo A

As you probably have gathered, mastering the Airy Styles trend is down to selecting your fabrics and styling meticulously. The Ink Blouse from Bellerose showcases how sheer can be sophisticated and is the perfect item to add to your wardrobe. Sheer has grown in popularity since 2022 and is not going away anytime soon – so make sure you are equipped to show off your high-brow taste this season. It is not just the sheer element of this garment that qualifies the piece as an airy style pick, but the batwing sleeves and cropped construction. 

Lollys Laundry – Davenport Blouse in Ecru

Lollys Laundry - Davenport Blouse in Ecru

Lollys Laundry – Davenport Blouse in Ecru

Fabulously feminine and destined to take prime place in your wardrobe. The Davenport Blouse from understated designer, Lollys Laundry, is a wardrobe staple for the woman who wants to show off her sophisticated taste. Boasting frills on the sleeve and shoulders, you can easily craft a feminine silhouette for your ensemble. The fitted design with elasticated sleeve ends will make you look chic from morning to evening. 

Special brand mention: Rosemunde

If you want Airy Styles that include frills, your go-to brand should be Rosemunde. Rosemunde has roots in Copenhagen, and their collections are the perfect pick if you are searching for cute frills and lace garments. Discover everyday essentials within the range that you can wear as base layers in the colder months or as a functional and feminine top in the summer.

Shop Airy Styles at Bod & Ted

When choosing your latest addition to your Airy Styles wardrobe, select frills, lacy designs and sheer styling. You can shop the full range of tops and dresses available at Bod & Ted today. Make sure to check out the key designers mentioned in the post for truly feminine styling, such as Munthe, Rails, Essentiel Antwerp and Rosemunde


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