A Buyers Guide to VEJA Sneakers

If you haven’t heard of VEJA, you are in for a treat. At Bod & Ted, VEJA sneakers are one of our favourite brands, and we’re sure they’re about to become one of yours too. Known for their clean, everyday wear styling, VEJA trainers have claimed the top position of every fashionista’s essentials wardrobe.

In our buyer’s guide to VEJA trainers, we’ll cover everything from the brand’s background to which style Kate Middleton likes to wear. So buckle in and find out everything you need to know about your new favourite sneakers brand. 

VEJA trainers in the box


Who is VEJA?

VEJA has been creating sneakers ever since 2005, prioritises economic justice and ecological materials, and has a passion for social projects.  The brand uses Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton in their creations for the canvas and laces of their shoes. VEJA is not shy of innovation and uses Amazonian rubber for the soles of its shoes, alongside recycled plastic bottles or recycled polyester. 

How to pronounce VEJA?

If you’re worried you’re pronouncing VEJA incorrectly, fear not – Bod & Ted are here to help.

VEJA is Portuguese for ‘look’ and encapsulates the brand’s ethos, which says VEJA is about “looking beyond the sneakers, looking at how they’re made.” This ethos embodies the brand’s spirit, which prioritises fair trade and organic materials and is transparent in everything it does.

The correct pronunciation of VEJA is – “Vay-zhah”, so you can confidently walk into any room and make sure you are pronouncing the brand name in its intended way. Make sure you roll the ‘j’ when saying the brand name to say it with conviction and confidence.

VEJA trainers

VEJA Trainers comfort and sizing

Before stepping into the world of VEJA, you probably want to know if the sneakers are comfortable and how they fit in terms of sizing. Keep reading to find the answers to your VEJA trainer’s comfort and sizing questions. 

Are VEJA trainers comfortable?

The general consensus on VEJA trainers and their comfort is that they will be comfortable and ideal for everyday wear once you have broken them in.  However, they can be uncomfortable at first and rub in spots such as the heels and ankles, but there are ways to combat this.  

How to break in VEJA trainers?

Committing to breaking in VEJA trainers can take some time (and we’re sorry to say – some pain). When you take your VEJA trainers from the box, you will find that they are stiff. However, there are a few hacks you can try to stretch them and make them feel more comfortable; 

  1. Wear thick socks with the shoes around the house for a few hours at a time. This will give them time to adjust to your feet, and you can slip them off if they start to hurt. 
  2. Fill a sealable plastic bag with water, place it into the shoes and pop them in the freezer. The water should expand when it begins to freeze, and allow your shoes to stretch overnight. 

TOP TIP: If you have purchased VEJA trainers for a city break or a holiday where you will be exploring – we recommend breaking in the shoes a few weeks beforehand. If you don’t, you might get blisters in soft spots, such as your ankles and heels, which is not ideal for exploring a new city. 

Are VEJA trainers true to size?

VEJA trainers are typically true to size, so we recommend purchasing your usual size. If you are between sizes, you should size upwards, as this will provide the most comfortable option for you. 

VEJA sneakers

VEJA trainers size guide 

Below is a a VEJA trainer size guide that includes European (EU), UK and JP/CN shoe sizes. We have also provided the correlating measurements for accuracy when choosing which trainers to pick. The key includes W = women and M = men. 

Length (cm)23.32424.525.325.926.527.1
Width (cm)7.77.988.
Length (cm)27.828.42929.73335
Width (cm)8.999.

How to clean VEJA Trainers  

VEJA is known for its clean aesthetic, and many shoes within the range feature crisp white designs. This is great for those looking to create a minimalist and chic aesthetic but not so good for the British weather and the morning commute. With that in mind, how do you clean VEJA trainers and keep them looking box-fresh? Make sure to follow these tips and tricks: 

How to clean canvas VEJA trainers

  • If you have muddy shoes, leave the trainers until the mud has hardened. 
  • Brush the canvas with cold water and soap.
  • Pay extra attention to the muddy areas and watch the marks lift away.
  • Avoid putting your VEJA trainers in the washing machine.

How to clean leather VEJA trainers

  • To ensure you don’t impact the leather surface of the shoe, use a damp, soft cloth.
  • Spray the shoe’s surface area with a specific leather cleaning product spray.
  • Wipe away any surface dirt or stubborn stains with the cloth. 

Can you put VEJA trainers in the washing machine?

We would advise against putting your VEJA trainers in the washing machine to clean them, as doing so can impact the material construction of the shoes beyond repair. It is worth spot-cleaning any marks or mud that spoil your trainers as soon as possible. This will ensure the dirt doesn’t interfere with the material over time and will help maintain the fresh and clean look. 

VEJA Trainers styling

VEJA trainers have become a staple of every fashion-conscious woman, and at Bod & Ted, we have some styling recommendations for you to consider before purchasing. Keep reading to find out which celebrities are fans of VEJA trainers, which style is the most popular, and even some styling recommendations. 

Which are the most popular VEJA sneakers?

The most popular styles of VEJA trainers are the classic V-10, V-12, and the Campo. At Bod & Ted, we have all of these styles available for you to add straight to your basket, but first, let us tell you a little more about each style. 

VEJA V-10 CWL Trainers

A classic style of the range, the VEJA V-10 CWL trainers are crafted from Amazonian rubber soles and have organic cotton laces. Ideal for weekend wear or casual attire, the V10s will be your wardrobe staple when you need a chic option that pairs well with any casual attire. 

VEJA V-12 Leather Trainers

Adopting a similar style to the V10s, the VEJA V-12 leather trainers will add a subtle pop of colour to your ensemble. If you want to claim the Scandi-chic streetwear aesthetic, these should hold a place in your weekend wardrobe. 

VEJA Campo Trainers

Crafted from smooth and light Brazilian leather, the VEJA Campo is a style staple you can bring out for casual days in the office or weekend walks in the park. With fleece lining in the shoe’s interior, your feet will feel warm and soft all day long. 

What to wear VEJA trainers with? 

One of the biggest pulling factors for VEJA trainers is their timeless appeal and ability to pair with any ensemble. At Bod & Ted, we feel like we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t actually recommend some styling advice for your new favourite shoes, so why not pair your VEJA trainers with: 


VEJA trainers can help pull together the look of your jumpsuit to radiate a contemporary look you can wear every day. Whether you opt for an off-duty look or want to create an outfit that transcends seasons – a jumpsuit is the perfect companion for your VEJA sneakers. 


At Bod & Ted, we have a range of casual trousers you can pair with your VEJA trainers to help you create a look that gives you a flowing silhouette. Ideal if you are looking to create a Scandi-streetwear-inspired look. 


If you want to create an outfit that is relaxed and comfortable, we recommend pairing your VEJA trainers with loungewear. Offering optimal comfort for the days you want to run errands or relax, pairing your VEJA’s with loungewear will keep you looking stylish and chic. 

Which celebrities wear VEJA trainers?

Looking for some celebrity looks in VEJA trainers? Look no further; here is a list of celebrities spotted wearing VEJA trainers:

  • Meghan Markle
  • Kate Middleton
  • Emma Watson
  • Katie Holmes
  • Emily Ratajkowski
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Kourtney Kardashian
  • Reese Witherspoon

Which VEJA trainers does Kate Middleton wear?

Kate Middleton has been seen wearing VEJA trainers many times and is said to be a fan of the sustainable brand, but which pair does she have in her wardrobe? Middleton has been spotted in VEJA Esplar trainers with white and rose gold accents. We recommend stepping into the VEJA Recife Chromefree Leather Velcro Trainers in Extra White/Platine if you want a similar pair. 

Which VEJA trainers does Meghan Markle wear?

Meghan Markle has also been seen wearing VEJA trainers on a trip to Australia with Prince Harry. Meghan wore the VEJA V-10 trainers with stylish black jeans and sunglasses while on a royal trip in 2018. 

Pros and cons of VEJA trainers

Are you still deciding if VEJA trainers are for you? Fear not. We have created a pros and cons table of VEJA trainers for you to weigh up your options.  

Pros of VEJA TrainersCons of VEJA Trainers
Sustainable: VEJA Trainers is one of the first sustainable sneaker brands in the world, crafting its creations from recycled materials, sustainably sourced leathers and organic cotton. Can take time to become comfortable: VEJA trainers can take some time to adapt to the shape of your feet and, as a result, can be uncomfortable during the first few wears. 
Easy to wear: The trainers are very easy to pair with your existing wardrobe, and you will find they complement any ensemble you put together and keep you looking chic. Arrive unlaced: Many VEJA trainers will arrive unlaced; this can be a drawback if you struggle to find a lace style you like. Alternatively, this provides you the freedom to be creative with your laces. 
Range of sizes + styles: You will find a range of styles and sizes to suit your needs within the VEJA trainers range available at Bod & Ted. 
High-quality construction: The materials used to create VEJA trainers are high-quality, and as a result, you will find they are durable and can become a shoe you wear daily. 

Shop VEJA at Bod & Ted

Now that you know everything there is to know about VEJA trainers, why not add some styles to your basket? Explore the full range of VEJA trainers available at Bod & Ted today. The collection includes popular styles, such as the iconic V-10 leather trainers and stylish Wata II Ripstop canvas trainers. Make sure you have the finest footwear collection in your wardrobe and easily create Scandi-chic ensembles with Bod & Ted. 


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